The University of Vanuatu partners up with the IRD for digitalization

Secondary education has been particularly affected by the vagaries of the weather and Covid-19, adding to the problem of inaccessibility of higher education for some, the impossibility of following courses at a distance due to the weakness of the digital infrastructure.

To ensure the continuity of higher education and guarantee access to all young people who want it, the University of Vanuatu has partnered with the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) to strengthen its digitalisation. The project has two main focuses: e-learning and network infrastructure development.

“This should enable students to connect easily to the infrastructure that will be put in place, facilitate their learning and enable them to succeed by promoting continuity of teaching,” explains the Regional Systems Administrator of the National University of Vanuatu and coordinator of the AFD-Digital project, Daniel Silas. “The experience of Covid-19 was the trigger for this project: in response to this crisis, the University put in place emergency solutions which the project reinforces and makes sustainable so that education is accessible to all.”

The project, which should start once the administrative process has been finalised, should provide students with better access to digital resources and infrastructure to enable them to succeed in their studies.

To consult the project sheet: