In Senegal, the digital transformation of SMEs is underway

Digitalisation plays a key role in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, whatever their sector of activity: it enables them to become acquainted with the public and thus access a wider market, but also to implement more efficient processes. By using online communication tools, virtual collaboration platforms and project management software, companies can increase their productivity and operational efficiency. This results in a better use of resources and a reduction in costs, helping to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

In Senegal, the DIRECCT programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by Enabel, aims to promote wealth and job creation through the digital transformation of micro-enterprises (MSMEs) operating in agriculture and the green economy in the groundnut basin. The programme strengthens the digital skills of managers and employees of MSMEs in the regions of Thiès, Diourbel, Kaffrine, Fatick and Kaolack. It also supports the adoption and effective and sustainable integration of digital management solutions for 20 MSMEs, thereby contributing to the achievement of objective 71 of the Digital Senegal 2025 strategy.

Digiboxes, an innovative tool for agripreneurs

In August 2023, DIRECCT launched the Digiboxes. Co-constructed with the Concree & YeesalAgri Hub consortium, the Digiboxes are phygital tools for agripreneurs. Comprising a smartphone, a battery, sets of learning cards and sector-specific applications, they enable them to access knowledge and skills and pass them on, in their own language.

The digiboxes combine active teaching methods for adults, with personalised coaching, objective-based teaching, e-learning and flipped learning, enabling everyone to learn at their own pace and acquire the digital skills they need to build resilience and grow their business.

In addition to this tool, specially designed for agripreneurs, DIRECCT is raising awareness of the opportunities offered by digital technology among all types of SMEs and entrepreneurs, especially young people.

Raising young people’s awareness of the opportunities offered by digital entrepreneurship

During Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW) last November, the Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Technologies, with the support of DIRECCT, organised a day on the opportunities offered by digital entrepreneurship. This day, specially designed for students and young entrepreneurs, strengthened their entrepreneurial culture and gave them essential knowledge to succeed in the digital sector. It also facilitated networking opportunities between stakeholders, promoted entrepreneurial initiatives and developed synergies and partnerships between players in the digital ecosystem.