IDEA Vanuatu meeting – 28 September 2023

Last Thursday, the National University of Vanuatu had the privilege of presenting the DIgital REsponse Connecting CiTizens (DIRECCT) project to the members of IDEA Vanuatu. This association promotes access to digital skills & technologies, making it a great opportunity to share the project’s achievements with actors from the private sector.

📲 Digital transformation: Daniel Silas, DIRECCT Project coordinator, and Chistelle Thieffry, International team leader, presented how the project strengthens the ICT infrastructure of our campuses, improves the access to digital resources for our students and enhances their learning experiences with Moodle.

🤝 Public-Private Synergy: Collaboration is at the heart of DIRECCT! This meeting provided an opportunity to build bridges between the University and private sector, fostering discussions about projects will create a brighter and digitally-connected future for Vanuatu. We thank again IDEA Vanuatu for their invitation and the insightful exchanges!

The project DIRECCT  is funded by the European Union and managed by the AFD – Agence Française de Développement.