The Covid-19 crisis had a drastic impact on Ghanaian businesses: “more than 45% of businesses have been closed” says the Managing Director of SUKU technologies, Chairman of the Greater Accra Region for the Ghana Association of Industries and National Chairman of the Information and Communication Technology sector for the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tsonam Cleanse Akpeloo. Indeed, Ghanaian companies had the opportunity to sell their products only at the market and in their localities.

That is why, after the Covid-19 crisis, the Ghana Chamber of Commerce realized the need to digitalize Ghanaian businesses to help them sell their products beyond their localities and even abroad. To this end, the Chamber of Commerce has launched a comprehensive digitalization program for small and medium enterprises with the objective of ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary digital skills to cope with future crises.

Today, the digitalization program is helping nearly 800 businesses in different regions of Ghana, 40% of which are now able to sell their products online. Indeed, for the first time, these businesses have pages on social networks and sell their products on e-commerce platforms. A real success story, these companies say they do not want to go back to the situation before the Covid-19 crisis.

Finally, this digitization project also promotes the place of women within companies. Indeed, 50% of the people who joined the program are women from different backgrounds: “the idea is to cover all aspects of our society” (Tsonam Cleanse Akpeloo).