The “Makers Nord-Sud” collective organised an international webinar on 28 February 2023 to share tools, knowledge and solutions in the field of health: “Together for open health”.

From open data to information and training content, open-source software and open hardware, this meeting brings visions, analyses and testimonies of actors by reviewing old and new types of digita commons aiming at “making health, from Botswana to Cameroon through France, Senegal, the Netherlands and Ivory Coast”..

This webinar was hosted by Hugues Aubin, from Climate Change Lab, co-founder of the Makers Nord-Sud collective and #forgeCC, administrator of RFFLABS, with the participation of :

Charlotte Marchandise, expert and international consultant (France)
Wore Fall from Enabel (Senegal)
Lisa Gullbransson from Health[e]foundation (Netherlands)
Yann Bermagaschi from Fabrique des Santés (France)
Keletso Masisi from Africarxiv (Botswana)
Thomas Mboa from CEIMIA and Mboalab (Cameroon)
Dodji Honou from ReFFAO

The Bretagne Solidaire Network, the French Network of Fablabs and the Francophone Network of Fablabs in West Africa have associated themselves around the project Makers Nord-Sud to provide African fablabs with digital manufacturing machines and consumables to manufacture health protection, prevention and detection devices on site. This capacity-building of local fablabs enables local support for health systems through sustainable local production of health devices, while supporting the global actions of African fablabs by removing the barrier of access to materials.

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Download the presentations :

• Keletso Masisis (Botswana) – Africarxiv

To download PDF : Africarxiv

• Yann Bergamaschi – La fabrique des santés, un modèle de communs

To download PDF : La fabrique des santés, un modèle de communs

• Wore Fall, Enabel Senegal – Logiciel Open Clinic dans un projet de déploiement au terrain.

To download PDF : Logiciel Open Clinic dans un projet de déploiement au terrain

• Thomas Mboa – Cameroon – Open hardware and health

To download PDF : Open hardware and health


For more information on the project Makers Nord-Sud, the organiser of this webinar