Feedback on the launching ceremony of the Lon’Kèlèw project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo

On Tuesday 25 April 2023, the launch ceremony of the “Lon’Kèlèw” project was held at the Hôtel Sarakawa (Lomé, Togo). The project is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo, accompanied by Expertise France and financed by the European Union.

“The ceremony that brings us together today gives us the opportunity to address an essential issue in the life of all organisations. For Togo, it is a crucial issue […]: digitalisation” Nathalie Manzinèwé Bitho, President of the Special Consular Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo

The aim of this project is to support the development and digitalisation skills of Togolese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in order to improve their resilience in the face of future energy, food and climate crises. As part of the government’s strategy, Lon’Kèlèw aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses, while helping to reduce costs and optimise internal processes. In total, 50 SMEs will be supported by trainers and 500 companies will be made familiar with the use of digital technology to better promote and sell their services and products online. Of these beneficiaries, 60% are young people or women.

” Digitalisation is now more important than ever for our companies seeking to develop” Vignob Aboki, President of the Togolese Group of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Industries

To achieve this objective, the training will cover electronic document management systems, website management and the use of social networks.

This project is part of :

— In the European “Global Gateway” strategy, which aims to boost investment in infrastructure and human development but also to accelerate the green digital transition.

— In the joint initiative launched by Team Europe and the Togolese government “IYBA” (Investing in Young Businesses in Africa)