The webinar “Monitoring and Impact Assessment” on 1 December 2022: working on the objectives and methods of impact assessment in the ACP-DIGI project

On 1 December 2022, the webinar “Monitoring and impact assessment” was held with the participation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo and Caribbean Export. This webinar is part of the ACP-DIGI project, implemented by Expertise France within the DIRECCT programme.

Throughout the webinar, participants had the opportunity to work on the objectives and methods of impact assessment. The aim: to analyse the impact of a project on a target group and to measure its extent.

On the programme :

          • Evaluate the number of companies that have adopted digital solutions

          • Establish a methodology around impact assessment

          • Drawing up the modalities of an impact evaluation and the dangers of a                                                  wrongly constructed impact assessment

          • A time for discussion

To initiate a groundswell, the webinar focused largely on the benefits to be gained from an impact assessment:

          • Strengthen the internal capacities of beneficiaries

          • Gaining efficiency, legitimacy and transparency

          • To quantify the amount of change that can be attributed to the project

In this sense, a rigorous and well-executed impact assessment is always beneficial and can greatly contribute to improve and sustain the development of a project :

“Even if the results are not what was expected, a well-conceived impact assessment helps to answer how the project affects the results, not just whether the project affects the results”, impact monitoring and assessment consultant, Sebastien Gachot