Supporting Togolese companies in the digitalisation process

Togo faces several challenges related to poverty and employment but also to the development of digital infrastructures. The Covid-19 crisis has reiterated the challenge of digitalising SMEs by revealing that the most resilient businesses are those that are digitally oriented. This is why the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Togo is committed to supporting businesses in the digitalisation process through the “Star” project, which is part of the DIRECCT programme. The Director of Business Assistance of the CCI of Togo, Yawo Seyenam Kavege, reaffirms the main objective of this project:

“To accompany businesses in the process of digitalisation to bring a plus to the economy through a digital strategy of the private sector in order to follow and give the best to these businesses”.

This project allows companies to benefit from regular monitoring and personalised training to continue their digitalisation. Indeed, ten junior consultants, supervised by a senior consultant, each take care of five companies in order to accompany them in the digitalisation of their services, with the aim of giving them the digital tools necessary to face the real difficulties in the field.